Monday, February 3, 2014

Hey Now You're An All-star

Good evening fashionholics,

I hope your first date was successful and everything you dreamed it would be. I bet you knocked the sox off your date when he saw you! A girl never kisses and tells, but I bet your kiss good night was absolutely breath taking.

Now that you are on cloud nine and thinking you have to look good for the rest of eternity because now you have someone to impress... Just kidding, but no, really. Some people have asked me how to wear white all-star converse. I told them to just put the shoes on their feet, tie the shoelaces, and call it a day, but they needed advice on what to wear them with. This can be a tricky one. All-star converse are definitely coming back into style. So, let's take a trip into the 70's, but put a 21st century fashion twist on it.

All-Star Look #1
This is mainly for comfy, laid back days. Grab some dark skinnys, an oversized grey t-shirt, black leather jacket, black scarf, and of course your white all-star converse. This could be a look for school, shopping, hanging with friends, etc. Make it your own style!

Hair: A messy bun will do the trick for such a laid back look. If you need help with this look, then check out the link!

Makeup: Keep it natural. Don't make it look like you just rolled out of bed. Put some effort into it. For a simple tutorial on natural eye makeup, check out the link.

All-Star Look #2
This look is also pretty chill. You can wear this to a football game, shopping, going to a bonfire, etc. Get a pair of high wasted shorts, a white/black crop top, one size too big flannel shirt, and your all-star converse. If you're not comfortable with high wasted shorts, then an old, rigged pair will do the job as well. 

Hair: You could either do a high pony tail or leave your hair down, but french braid your bangs. For both these looks, check below.

French braided bangs

High pony tail 

Well, that's all that I've got this week, you fashionholics, you. Stay tuned in for next week's advice and remember to always have your confidence in your back pocket. You are beautiful and don't you ever forget it.


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