Monday, February 17, 2014

Love Is In the Air

We meet again fashionholics,

I hope you nailed your interview and you got the job! I have no doubt in my mind that you wowed them with your interview outfit. Now that the stress is over and you can relax, let's talk about love. Yup, that's right, Valentine's Day is right around the corner and it's time to get beautified for that special someone. Ladies out there who are single on this lovely holiday (get it..lovely) don't you fret. I've got an outfit for you to wear even if you're going out and hanging out with friends. 

I've got two different outfits for you today and it's up to you if you want to rock them. The first outfit is mainly for a nice dinner date to a somewhat formal dinner. You are going to look classy, sleek  and oh so sexy.

Valentine's Day Outfit #1
This is a great look for Valentine's Day. It's simple, yet just enough to make people look at you as you walk by. A simple white dress, white, red, or pink shoes, and a matching clutch to be your partner in crime. Simple gold jewelry like bracelets, earrings, and a couple rings will finish this clean, sexy look. P.S. the umbrella was just for show. Please do not bring an umbrella on your date unless it is raining. 

Valentine's Day Hair #1
This hair style will go great with the outfit above. Use 1-2 day old hair because the curls will hold better. Curl with a curling iron or wand and then hair spray. Take a chunk of hair from the front on both sides, twist the hair, and pull back around the crown on your head. Secure with bobby pins and spray again with hairspray. 

Valentine's Day Makeup #1

For this holiday, don't be afraid to go bold. Use a light/burnt pink for eyeshadow and sheer blush for the balls of your cheek. Also, use bright pink or red lipstick to make your lips pop. This is flirty and sexy and your date won't be able to take his eyes off you.

Valentine's Day Outfit #2

This look is for all you single ladies out there who still want to look cute for Valentine's Day. Ripped, dark wash, capri jeans, a white lace top, red tote, and red shoes will show the world that even though you're single it doesn't mean you're bitter, it mean you're ready to mingle. This is fun, comfortable, and oh so cute.

Valentine's Day Hair #2
So, for this look you want some natural beach waves to keep the relaxed, chill look to the outfit. Above shows you how to get this look without using heat and it only takes a few steps to complete. Try to use somewhat damp hair, put some styling cream in there, and then begin to twist the sections on hair. Wrap the sections of hair around your head and pin with clips (make sure you put enough clips in to secure it.) Sleep with your hair like this overnight and in the morning you will have fabulous beach waves in your hair.

Valentine's Day Makeup #2
To keep that relax look, you don't want to wear bold red or pink lipstick, so keep it sheer. Wear pink eye shadow with mascara and eye liner, plus a rosy glow to your cheeks, and pretty pink lipgloss to add to your lips and BAM! You're ready for a night out with friends and you're lookin' good.

I hope you have a wonderful night out with your date/friends on Valentine's Day! Remember to always have your confidence in your back pocket, you're beautiful, don't you ever forget it.


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