Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"As We Go On, We Remember, All the Times We, Had Together.."

Good evening fashionholics and welcome back to confessional,

This is a bitter sweet post today because I am going to be giving advise on what to wear to graduation (hence the blog title today). Not only is this an extremely exciting time in life, but it's also one of the scariest. Getting out in the real world, working a real job, having a real boss, apartment, and bills. It's a little overwhelming, but it's a really great overwhelming feeling. At this point, you're probably sitting in your room packing it up and just sitting on the floor with a box of tissues and pictures from the last four years of your life. You probably don't even know why you're crying, but that's ok! BECAUSE YOU'RE GRADUATING!!!!! I would like to be the first one to say CONGRATULATIONS, YOU DID IT GRADUATE! You should be so thrilled and I know all of you're families are so proud of you. Phew, I'm getting a little teary eyed myself.. Alright, ok, let's get down to business. 

Now, for most girls, a nice, simple, white dress would suffice, but not for you. No. You my friend, are going to rock that cap and gown with a beautiful dress that will have all the audience member's heads turning, but for those of  you who do want to keep the traditional white dress, I do have some options for you. It just may not be as traditional as you want... 

Traditional White Dress #1

This is simple, but has a touch of danger. It's not your traditional white dress, but it's gorgeous and has the touch of sassiness you need to say, "Hey world, I'm graduating today!"

This is classy, lacy, and spicy! This is the perfect combination of cute and sexy, which is a great way to show everyone how grown up you are and that you are now a beautiful, young woman ready to take on the world with her college degree.

So, now that we've seen what traditional white dresses we can wear, let's take a look at some fun colorful dresses for the big day.

Colorful Dress #1
This is probably my all time favorite dress . It hits all the right curves, is the perfect color for a Spring graduation, and all eyes will definitely be on you. You honestly can't go wrong with this dress.

Colorful Dress #2

This is another great dress for graduation day. It's cute, comfy, and all the right colors. People will be asking you left and right where you got your gorgeous dress from, so be prepared!

Sniffle, sniffle.. time is going by way too fast. Growing up really makes you appreciate life and all the  family and friends in it. You should always cherish those precious moments, never regret anything you do, and to always have a smile on that pretty little face of yours.

That's all for this week fashionholics. It's been one crazy, busy, exciting semester and I can't wait what's in store for next year. Remember to always have your confidence in your back pocket and that you're beautiful, don't you ever forget it! 

P.S. We aren't saying goodbye, just see you later.


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