Sunday, April 6, 2014

To the Max...

Hey all you fashionholics out there,

I hope you showed your peers how to rock that denim jacket/vest with confidence! Now that we are one week closer to finals, some of us may be focusing more on our academics than looks, but guess what? You can do both! Hallelujah right? Trust me, I know. I'm going to show you how to still look good with little effort and how to wear a maxi skirt because lets be real... maxi's are way comfy and entail little effort.
Maxi Skirt Outfit #1
Cute, right? A simple black maxi skirt, white tank top, brown braided belt and a colorful scarf is perfect for when you're feeling lazy and want to just throw something on.

Hair Style #1
So, if you're not feeling up to doing your hair, it's all right because all you have to do is follow this quick picture tutorial and you've got your full look in less than 10 minutes.

Maxi Skirt Outfit #2
This outfit is one of my personal favorites because I like to change it up and not be the same as everyone else wearing black maxi skirts. Take this as be yourself and not who everyone else wants you to be. I'm done preaching, I promise... Back on topic, this is a very simple maroon/cranberry maxi skirt, with a white long sleeve crop top and a fancy belt.. that's it. So simple, right?

Hair Style #2

For the second outfit, I think putting your hair up would polish off the look and this picture tutorial will help you achieve the look you're going for.

As for makeup, keep it classy and light. You don't need to put on a pound of makeup just to take some notes.

Well that's it for this week fashionholics. Remember to always have your confidence in your back pocket and that you're beautiful, don't you ever forget it.

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